Articles Published January 2010

Frank Maiorano faces the challenge of taking skyrocketing growth to a higher level

Frank Maiorano takes the helm at Trust Company of America
Veteran of Schwab and Nuveen will raise visibility of low-profile RIA custodian

Friday 1.29.10
Terry Reitan called Trust Company of America a well-kept secret when he came aboard four years ago.

CEO Terry Reitan retires from Trust Company of America
Former Fiserv ISS chief presided over four years of stunning growth

Friday 1.29.10
Patrick J. Burns: I'm not sure the SEC or FINRA has the stomach for a return to the days of heavy litigation.

Broker protocol may be endangered by complexities as membership starts to explode
Merrill Lynch, LPL and Ameriprise create addendums to once-sacred truce; they may spark an unfavorable trend

Friday 1.29.10
Ron Rhoades: Increasing attention is now being given to FINRA’s failures as a regulator

7 reasons why wirehouses shouldn't milk the old business model
Once the chief protector, FINRA and its lapses may contribute to brokers' darkening picture

Thursday 1.28.10
Charles Goldman still embodies a service ethic for many advisors

Advisors can tolerate Goldman departure from Fidelity if service doesn't suffer
Fidelity says to expect no change in service approach because of executive changes

Thursday 1.28.10
Mike Durbin: "I think Fidelity has done the best job of speaking the language of the breakaway."

Focus shifts to Durbin at Fidelity as Goldman prepares to depart
With Goldman leaving, president of Fidelity Institutional will demonstrate his own brand of leadership

Wednesday 1.27.10
Charles Goldman aggressively tackled Fidelity's approach to service but he may also have ruffled feathers

Charles Goldman to leave Fidelity
Overseer of Fidelity's RIA custody, broker clearing and family office units sets a departure date

Tuesday 1.26.10
Barnaby Grist says that wirehouse data on attrition is accurate but not telling for breakaways

Schwab and TD Ameritrade pipelines brim with breakaway prospects
Growth rate accelerates despite slowing attrition at wirehouses

Tuesday 1.26.10
Ben Valore-Caplan: The human desire for order and predictability may mask the reality of disorder and unpredictability in the financial markets

Waiting for the S&P 500 to revert to the mean is like Waiting for Godot
Even returns over 20-year spans bear little resemblance to each other

Tuesday 1.26.10
Derek Bruton is now in charge of LPL's hybrid business after years of RIA experience with Merrill Lynch, TD Ameritrade and Schwab

LPL's hybrid RIA platform is fast off the mark and names new leaders for 2010
The giant IBD has already surpassed Raymond James' RIA assets but Derek Bruton plans to build on momentum

Monday 1.25.10
David Welling: I was a plant needing to be re-potted.

Former Schwab RIA veteran lands with Black Diamond
Welling looks to bring his big-company experience to fast-growing software firm

Monday 1.25.10
During Steve Cassaday’s first year of independence, he watched his life savings dwindle. “I was crushed like an eggshell,” he says.

A breakaway story, old-school style
Cassaday's wirehouse departure began as a tailspin but 17 years later he's an RIA and top producer with Royal Alliance

Friday 1.22.10
Howard Diamond [with wife Mindy's hand on shoulder]: Ms. Krawcheck should not exhale so quickly

What comments by Krawcheck and Gorman about improving wirehouse attrition leave out
Breakaway trend appears as vital as ever and asset flows are in reverse

Friday 1.22.10
Rodger Lawson let his spending do the talking when it came to RIAs

Rodger Lawson was a silent champion of RIAs at Fidelity and now he's going: What's next?
FMR's president gave nearly carte blanche spending to the RIA initiative at Fidelity

Thursday 1.21.10
What's to come in the RIABIz Directory? Job listings and other premium enhancements.

Directory Week One: The launch, the tweaks and what directory listers say about its future
Why our free listings are a great deal and paid listings can be even better

Thursday 1.21.10
Bridgewater Wealth has long experience reining in athletes and their money

[UPDATED] Focus Financial breaks into the American sports world with its latest RIA deal
Bridgewater purchase gives New York roll-up specialized knowledge of managing sudden fortunes accumulated in sporting world

Wednesday 1.20.10
Malcolm Gladwell's insights on entrepreneurs in last week's New Yorker pertain to RIAs

What RIAs can learn from Malcolm Gladwell’s writings on entrepreneurs as risk averse
RIAs' success as entrepreneurs is in keeping with studies covered in a New Yorker article

Wednesday 1.20.10
Kevin Crowe: We’re operating on a model that looks like we did 10 years ago.

After a decade of unsteady results, SEI Investments is attracting financial advisors again
Wayne Withrow is taking a patient approach to growth that is helping the TAMP to regain trust among advisors

Tuesday 1.19.10
Eduardo Ramos: We launched on September 10, 2008. On the 15th, Lehman filed for bankruptcy.

Advisor spotlight: Tapping the market of Hispanic entrepreneurs
Puerto Rican advisor expands to Chicago to help risk-taking empresarios learn the market

Monday 1.18.10
Shawn Paulk: RIAs do not sell products to their clients– and they don’t care to be “sold” to either.

The alternative investments sales cycle for RIAs got longer but marketing patience got shorter
High net worth investors are under stress, and pushing them to quick decisions can backfire

Monday 1.18.10
RIABiz Directory hopes to replicate many of the wonders of the faithful Rolodex

RIABiz launches its directory today for financial advisors
The sourcebook's technology and free listing option positions it to be the industry leader

Friday 1.15.10
Paul Zettl: Conference registrations are running at double last year's rate

TD Ameritrade revs up to have the biggest three-day RIA rally in its history
Early attendance figures and a full agenda bode well for the rising custodian's 2010 National Conference

Friday 1.15.10
Bernie Clark: We’ll continue to build the connectivity that will make it better

A giant is awakening in the hybrid RIA market
Schwab vows to spend big in 2010 and 2011 on better connections to IBDs

Thursday 1.14.10
Hybrid tomatoes have their advantages and so do hybrid RIAs

5 Reasons why the hybrid RIA model may be a bigger deal than ever
Someday all advisors could be hybrid-like under FINRA

Thursday 1.14.10
Welcome an auditor with a smile

14 tips for how to act when the SEC auditor is in your office
No need to be a doormat but treat the visitor as a guest

Thursday 1.14.10
Mike Kavanagh: We are taking this very seriously and we’re taking our time with it

RBC is checking every box to ensure it acquires the JPMorgan RIA unit intact
Mike Kavanagh brings the former Bear Stearns service team to Minneapolis for bonding

Wednesday 1.13.10
Hovig Melkonian: This is exactly how an auditor wants him: flustered

Elizabeth witnesses a mock audit first hand and feels the advisor's pain
Mock audits are in hot demand because they cut back on regulatory blindsiding

Wednesday 1.13.10
Elliot Weissbluth is turning his guns on the Los Angeles market now that he's secured $100 million

Weissbluth lands war chest for HighTower Advisors [Updated]
The $100 million haul means the Chicago company can battle wirehouses for talent on equal footing

Tuesday 1.12.10
Les Abromovitz: Is your web site updated for current economic conditions?

2010 to-do list for RIAs: Get out of the comfort zone, avoid SEC problems
Marketing and compliance resolutions that start with the Internet and end at the gym

Tuesday 1.12.10
Dan Skiles: It doesn’t matter from a passion standpoint whether the RIA has $50 million or $2 million

How Schwab's top tech executive for RIAs ended up with a fledgling competitor
Dan Skiles makes conscious decision to stop his 'Up in the Air' life and discovers the joys of being an entrepreneur

Monday 1.11.10
Peter Mangan: [RIAs] like that we’re a boutique operation

A small RIA custodian in San Diego faces a new challenge: accelerating growth [updated]
Peter Mangan is creating a company that resembles the old Jack White more every day

Monday 1.11.10
Bob Hines prefers if customers don't ask him for his e-mail address

One advisor's strategy for growing a practice, dodging compliance issues and staying young: Kill the computer
E-mail's out; frozen raspberry salad is in for this MBA and CPA

Friday 1.8.10
Walt Bettinger: After the past two years, our clients are thinking more than ever about their financial future

Morgan Stanley report: TD Ameritrade and other rivals may face pricing dilemma after Schwab price chop
San Francisco broker can cut commissions with relative impunity now that it has shifted primarily to fees

Friday 1.8.10
Rebecca Pomering: Another $1 billion firm isn’t what I’m looking for

Moss Adams launches growth strategy with its first RIA acquisition in a decade
Former consultants put their experience to work to build wealth management division

Thursday 1.7.10
Dan Seivert: History is filled with firms that have sold themselves at high valuations to large companies only to buy themselves back at a fraction of the price.

8 major points to understand about the M&A market at the start of 2010
Market conditions are yielding great opportunities for some savvy buyers and sellers

Wednesday 1.6.10
Bob McCann sends a message that he wants to reward the advisors who stayed with UBS through the hard years

McCann plays his first cards as head of UBS
Keeping more brokers from leaving appears to be the priority

Wednesday 1.6.10
Mindy Diamond: A home run for RIAs and recruiters

Page One Wall Street Journal article is a 'home run' for the RIA industry
Story's impact could exceed New York Times article about Smith Barney breakaway two years ago

Tuesday 1.5.10
Terry Reitan: Inefficiencies can be hidden when times are good, but when markets are down, the efficiency our technology provides becomes invaluable.

How a small RIA custodian is making big waves
Trust Company of America invested heavily in technology to make RIAs efficient with an array of advisory representatives

Tuesday 1.5.10
Pat Allen: The assumption was that someone would come to your site and take the time to browse it. Oh no, they won’t.

Five changes to expect in social media in 2010
Expect asset managers to play major game of catch-up in modernizing web marketing

Monday 1.4.10
Mark Palmer warns that wirehouse brokers may regain their sales swagger:  “It’s amazing how a big check can settle your emotions.”

Top resolutions for RIAs: Get out of cash and unleash the rainmakers
Advisors need to shrug off 2009’s traumas and to fend off sales forces at wirehouses buoyed by retention bonuses

Monday 1.4.10
Christopher Cordaro is aggressively courting growth but rejects use of breakaway brokers

How one top adviser plans to capitalize on 2010 growth opportunities
Making databases seamless is job one

Monday 1.4.10


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