Articles Published November 2009

Rudy Adolf: Some people just want to make a lot of noise

What's really going on with Focus Financial?
Somebody is going to be unhappy in a large organization, Adolf says

Monday 11.30.09
Like Tom Turkey, many RIAs were thankful to survive 2009

Taking A Break From the Turkey?
RIABiz's top 10 stories from the past month offer a window into what RIAs care about

Thursday 11.26.09
Charles Goldman: Service and knowledge of clients’ accounts is not the place to skim.

Goldman aims to make red carpet service for RIAs universal at Fidelity Investments
Boston investing giant is showering tip-top clients in service but it won't stop there, advisor exec says

Tuesday 11.24.09
Dan Vickrey: “We’re concerned about money because we have a career that could end any day.”

How an RIA won a Counting Crow away from a Paine Webber broker
Vickrey takes the advice of fellow Crow's father

Monday 11.23.09
Malcolm H. Gissen: “I think there’s some ego involved to be honest.”

San Francisco RIA is knockin'em dead in mutual fund land
Gissen invests in small companies, focuses on communication with executives

Monday 11.23.09
Barnaby Grist: “The success of independent investment advisors has not gone unnoticed by the industry at large."

10 ways that a new Schwab study demonstrates a nation of willing breakaways behind brokerage curtain
Brokers who know a breakaway like the idea of independence

Friday 11.20.09
Share your breakaway story: email

Merrill Lynch breakaway runs gauntlet to set up his business
'I was just a constant work machine'

Friday 11.20.09
Les Abromovitz: Not surprisingly, advisors' hypothetical case studies have happy endings.

Advertising practices that can raise the hackles of regulators
Photos, staff plaudits and hypotheticals are still testimonials by any other name

Thursday 11.19.09
Matt Abar: "I do feel responsible for what happened."

[Story preview] Matt Abar is back to tangle with Advent Software -- with a vengeance
Techfi founder is making up for lost time after noncompete expires

Thursday 11.19.09
FinFolio's graphs are all available on-the-fly, without running reports.

FinFolio looks to offer unprecedented flexibility and power, with an intuitive interface
Nevin reviews upcoming Portfolio Management System from the makers of AdvisorMart

Thursday 11.19.09
Doug Swope: There’s no independence per se [at a wirehouse]. You’re [restricted] by the [inventory of] products.

Independent-within-Smith Barney breaks away after hitting wall
Former Smith Barney peers light fuse for Swope independence

Wednesday 11.18.09
Don Schreiber Jr.: One problem with buy-and-hold is that when investors are faced with 40% to 50% declines, they sell to preserve their remaining capital.

Dividend stocks deserve a second look at a fearful time
This investing approach recognizes that individuals differ from institutions

Tuesday 11.17.09
Thomas B. Lewis: “There are RIA firms joining that are trying to recruit large producers.”

RIAs drive explosive growth of the Broker Protocol; signatories triple
The wirehouse legal truce is now a poaching tool for advisory roll-ups; Merrill Lynch applauds its wide use

Tuesday 11.17.09
Patrick Williams: “People say print media is dead but I have $51 million that says they are wrong.”

Worth magazine's new owner rights ship by charging wealth managers for write-ups
Dozens of financial advisors ante up $30,000 for Worth brand association

Monday 11.16.09
Martin Kurtz: "The concerns around FINRA is that they've been in the suitability world; we're saying that this is a fiduciary world."

Martin Kurtz, president of Financial Planning Association for 2011, will take pragmatic approach
Electee has concerns about FINRA's historical 'suitability' mindset

Friday 11.13.09
Jim Scanlon: I was not a big producer so [my boss] could say: I need you to be in this meeting.

How TD Ameritrade wins clients $47 million at a time
UBS brokers double take-home pay with breakaway

Friday 11.13.09
David Gordon: Conversions may cause bracket-creep and can impact both itemized deductions and Social Security income.

Look at the benefits, but beware the dangers, of Roth conversions
The best time of the year and other lessons

Friday 11.13.09
Robert Isbitts: "The temptation to try something exotic to prove 'value-add' to your clients may be great."

The top 10 alternatives to alternative investments
Why you shouldn't always be giving clients what they want

Thursday 11.12.09
Edelman: "Organizations suffering from internal disarray are ignored by legislators and regulators."

What's going wrong for RIAs on Capitol Hill?
RIAs brace themselves as Senate committee takes up financial reform

Wednesday 11.11.09
Bob McCann is known not to overpromise

13 things to know about Bob McCann recruiting his old Merrill Lynch team to UBS
Move signals UBS executive's independence from his bosses back in Switzerland

Tuesday 11.10.09
Matthias Paul Kuhlmey is helping to create a blueprint for globally-minded breakaways

HighTower Advisors nabs a UBS team and shifts to new recruiting gear
Chicago company creates comfy nest for breakaways with overseas clients

Tuesday 11.10.09
Eliza De Pardo: “The data is a starting point but it’s not the end game.”

Will the real Moss Adams please stand up?
Two companies with ties to the Seattle-based consulting firm seek to fill a void

Monday 11.9.09
Dan Inveen: “It’s almost laughable now that the employer was worried about the scarcity of labor and the scarcity of talent”

10 key points made in new FA Insight personnel study
Report: Smart firms grab talent while it's available

Monday 11.9.09
Ben Valore-Caplan: "We must make it culturally undesirable to get wealthy unethically."

Regulation needs one simple theme: transparency
Investors and consumers will always want the impossible

Friday 11.6.09
With Doug Talir gone, Scottrade is already seeking a new leader for its custody unit

Doug Talir, director and founder of Scottrade's RIA custody business, departs
Scottrade is seeking to fill position

Friday 11.6.09
Zachary Gronich:  Make no mistake, the annual renewals are the most important on-going compliance issue.

The quick and easy route to getting your RIA license suspended
Renewal gauntlet begins next week with a moved-up deadline

Friday 11.6.09
Ron Cordes: “We haven’t had anything resonate with advisors as powerfully as this.”

RIA hybrids help Genworth's wealth management business to stunning growth
Recovery of Genworth's share price from penny stock status removes block to asset growth

Thursday 11.5.09
David Tittworth: "It's pretty bad."

Worst of both worlds looms for RIAs in Washington
Act would gut the authority of SEC over RIAs while doubling its budget

Wednesday 11.4.09

10 reasons why Schwab's move into ETFs may be an even bigger deal than it appears
Big broker's move could be precursor to ETF equivalent of OneSource

Wednesday 11.4.09
Patricia Struck: The states are almost uniformly in a good position to take on more oversight.

The big change RIAs should expect when the SEC punts to the states
Advisors under states see more audits, tougher registration requirements and busybody lawmakers

Wednesday 11.4.09
Tom Ruggie: "Some things I’ve been pleased with and some things I’ve been disappointed with but both [Raymond James and LPL] are bending over backward to [help] and keep the business.”

Why Raymond James is getting an LPL advisor's wealthiest new clients
Tom Ruggie started a new RIA but kept his LPL practice intact

Tuesday 11.3.09
Barry Glassman: There are restrictions as far as the kinds of things we can say and document if one has the ability to earn commissions.

New RIA with a Royal touch
Glassman takes assets to Schwab and outsources some services to Fortigent

Monday 11.2.09


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