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The Rudin Group

Filed under: Marketing & Public Relations

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  • Founded in 2008


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

The Rudin Group provides marketing strategy, programs and tactics for RIA's that help elevate and amplify their firm and personal brands to targeted groups of investors. We are experts at helping advisors zero in on their value proposition and differentiators and developing the right messages to their target audiences. We are adept at helping advisors create and nurture sustainable relationships with third party influencers that can create brand visibility and drive new client acquisition through thought leadership and strategic distribution strategies. Want more HNW clients and referrals? Let us show you how!

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

The Rudin Group is a full-service financial services marketing firm. We create messaging and targeted campaigns to engage wealthy multi-generational investors and referral sources. Our clients tell us we help get them noticed by creating distinctive marketing and lead generation programs through fresh and innovative ideas.

What else would you like to say about your business?

I launched my business in 2008 around three pillars: wealth, nextgen and technology. We have a long and successful history of creating and delivering distinctive and effective marketing services globally to large enterprise firms, fintechs, and RIA's. Financial services needs to view technology spending and marketing strategy as revenue generators. There is a new imperative to engage with wealth holders digitally.

The Rudin Group - What We Do Best

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