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Jack Waymire: Your goal should be to dominate Page 1 on Google.

How RIAs can maximize their web marketing with nary a 'friend-ing' or tweet
Only 5% of advisors report significant traffic to their websites, but the reasons why are not mysterious

Sunday 8.5.12
Gordon Andrew: No publicity has the right to exist without a specific business application.

Why RIAs should avoid the carnival barker approach to publicity
More PR is not necessarily better -- especially if you're a small or midsize firm

Friday 3.16.12
Maria Marsala: Set yourself apart by not giving out your business cards like they're candy.

Top 10 ways financial advisers can 'market smarter' -- and enjoy it more in 2012
Developing a niche clientele will broaden, not narrow, your client base and can make your practice more profitable and pleasurable

Friday 12.30.11
Les Abromovitz: Avoid statements that expressly state or imply that you and your firm are in a class by yourself.

Examiners may ask “Says who?” about your advertisements
RIAs may run afoul of the SEC by using superlatives like "unparalleled" and "unique"

Tuesday 6.21.11
Zack Miller: None of what the largest RIAs are doing online should provide a compliance hurdle. So, just ape them.

Five ways that big, savvy RIAs are winning clients online
It starts with web content and ends with reasonable expectations about compliance and LinkedIn

Thursday 5.19.11
Mike Byrnes: Advisors that cannot easily be found online, and advisors that make a bad first impression online, are losing leads

Top marketing trends for 2011, and checklists for handling each
In the new year, sharpen your planning for staff turnover, prospecting, client communication

Monday 1.10.11
Les Abromovitz: Recently, one RIA firm that I work with claimed to have created hundreds of unique solutions. Those kinds of claims invite a securities examiner to ask for proof that the firm’s solutions are truly out of the ordinary.

The marketing naughty and nice list
Catchwords and strategies likely to draw regulators' ire -- and others that pass anyone's test

Thursday 12.23.10
Nevin Freeman: The question is: Do regular marketing approaches work on these new online media?

Social media: There's a bigger mistake you could make than offending the SEC
Nevin, RIABiz tech guy, weighs in on how advisors ought to approach social media

Monday 6.7.10
Justin Meise: While most reporters aren’t out to destroy anyone’s reputation, they are in the business of writing interesting stories.

Behind the PR man's curtain: how RIAs can successfully deal with the media
How to develop a strategy that helps convince clients to trust their assets to you

Tuesday 5.4.10


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