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Ken Fisher: We want people that believe in the firm. [This photo from Fisher's blog may reflect a desire to spend more time pursuing his passion -- forestry.]

Why Ken Fisher still plans to work a 60-hour week despite handing off CEO role to 'badass'
The iconoclastic founder of the $65-billion RIA will write, research and mix with the troops, remaining omnipresent as Damian Ornani ascends to the CEO spot

Wednesday 3.23.16
Bill Harris says his retirement planning tool is 'the best one out there based on its balance between simplicity and sophistication.'

Almost lost in the robo shuffle, Personal Capital, in its 'special category,' is winning as told by an overlooked metric: revenues
Silicon Valley pioneer Bill Harris is struggling to goose the faltering free-to-premium conversion rate while keeping a weather eye on the big guys barging onto the field

Tuesday 9.15.15
Ric Edelman: His departure has no impact on the firm's future or our strategic plans.

Ric Edelman and David Bach go their own ways after super-partnership dissolves
After less than a year together, Bach is on a long vacation and Edelman is still pursuing a succession plan

Tuesday 8.4.15
Ken Fisher has been trying to tell anyone who would listen.

The documented RIA threat, 'phono-advisors' and their nearly $300 billion of assets
Not much romantic about call center-based advisors but under banners like Vanguard, Fisher Investments or Merrill Edge, they are a force to be reckoned with

Friday 9.12.14
Brooke Southall: By using 'robo' we say to snippy entrepreneurs: Take your cutesy website, your fancy VC backing, your geeks and your Harvard, Stanford or MIT degree and go back to your ivory tower.

Why I find the term 'robo-advisor' objectionable and unhelpful
In the end, all good advisors will likely be both bionic and biological and terms of art creating a false distinction are unhelpful

Tuesday 4.1.14
Ric Edelman: We need to serve the 99% that hate us, not just rich people.

Ric Edelman is looking to add a $1-billion RIA elephant even as he unveils an online consumer strategy aimed at the chipmunks
Already Barron's No. 1 with predominantly a mass-affluent game, the radio dynamo is ready to invest private equity to add a quick $1 billion of AUM

Monday 10.29.12
Ken Fisher: On the high-net-worth side funding levels are tough.

Ken Fisher keeps expanding his $42 billion RIA empire despite UHNW head winds
The big West Coast money manager discusses his growing institutional arm, his biggest competition and his unorthodox management style

Thursday 3.1.12
Robert Levitt: The problem was (that) the other guys couldn't handle us.

State Street's semi-secret success in the RIA custody business
The Boston-based giant typically services RIAs with $1 billion or more in assets - RIAs so big they have their own technology

Monday 12.12.11
Ken Fisher: We've never frozen hiring before

Ken Fisher resumes hiring but still has 'overcapacity' of investment counselors
Fisher's 'good year' in 2009 means more aggressive approach

Sunday 8.23.09
Ken Fisher: I've said that longer term I'd like to move my headquarters out of California

The world's largest RIA takes the cult-on-the-hill to the Washington state woods
Taxed by Silicon Valley, Ken Fisher may move his HQ

Wednesday 8.19.09


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