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Paul Reilly: Deutsche Bank is to continue providing the Alex. Brown advisors continued access to syndicates from Deutsche Bank's equity research and a high array of high-net-worth services for many years.

What to make of Raymond James putting 'Alex. Brown' back into business and what to make of the $420 million it's spending to make it happen
Raymond James could get the hallowed brand and 200 advisors with $50 billion in advised assets for a nominal price but it'll also be pumping Deutsche products through the AB unit

Friday 12.4.15
GerriLeder: These secret millionaires ... drove 12-year-old cars, lived in the same small house for more than 30 years and worked until after dark every day into his 70s.

How a Vermont janitor's $8-million bequest highlights lessons for advisors found in Tom Stanley's bestseller, 'The Millionaire Next Door'
Mercedes and McMansion owners aren't always 'Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth,' according to the late advisor and researcher

Tuesday 3.10.15
Michael Bloomberg: I don’t believe in automation for client service.

Michael Bloomberg steals the SIFMA NYC show by putting his finger on a great robo shortcoming
The Bloomberg founder dismisses auto-advice amid human brokers who cheered SIFMA's ability to keep change in check

Thursday 11.13.14
Mitt Romney (l.) and Mark Matson (r.) share a moment in front of Mitt's campaign jet.

A $3.4-billion DFA RIA sends his social media presence sky high with a 'Yep, I Built That' strategy
'Street cred' may attract like-minded clients but Mark Matson is also taking a calculated risk with his staunch political stance

Monday 10.1.12
Pat Horan: You can't just do one seminar over three nights and say, 'it didn't work.' It's a discipline.

The art and science of how one RIA grew assets 125% by springing for several hundred steak dinners a year
Patrick Horan more than doubles his ROI on seminars with a disciplined process

Friday 9.16.11
Gerri Leder: You have the access and platform to weigh in judiciously, frame arguments around breaking news, bring a fresh viewpoint to a topic of mutual interest – there is an unlimited appetite for perspective.

Many advisors still opt for the social media sidelines, but watch out: Early adopter status is slipping away
Which of six excuses applies to you?

Monday 11.15.10
Gerri Leder: In the tradition of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign disclosure, I’d like to confess that I experimented with profanity a time or two, but I didn’t email ...

No eff-ing way: Goldman professionals can’t email profanely?
This is not a joke.

Monday 8.2.10
Gerri Leder: After you freshen up your story or strengthen your value proposition, be sure to share it with longstanding clients as well as new ones.

Selling your value proposition
Gray hairs have a leg up in this market. Younger advisors rely on their ability to explain their process

Thursday 5.27.10
Gerri Leder: Where do you find help with social networking? Check the college intern boards.

How to execute a social media strategy: Take a college kid to lunch
All the social media seminars in the world may be no substitute for the kid at Starbucks with the blue hair

Tuesday 2.9.10


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