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Total Rebalance Expert
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Company info:

Top Executive: Sheryl Rowling, CPA/PFS
8889 Rio San Diego Dr Ste 202
San Diego, CA 92108

RIA department info:

Contact: Karyn Davenport
Director of Marketing
619-294-4879 ext. 224


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs? Total Rebalance Expert is the most tax efficient and easy to use auto-rebalancing software, designed by an industry leading CPA advisor for advisors to simplify portfolio management. TRX is revolutionizing the way advisors do business by automating the rebalancing process through advanced technology.

TRX is easy to implement and user friendly: Quick installation and startup, intuitive user interface, avoids unneeded complexity (functionality required for active managers, market timers).

TRX is currently used by nearly 300 firms nationwide with over $23 billion in AUM. TRX is right for all size firms: 80 percent of TRX firms have AUM of $200-$500, with the largest firm at over $3 billion.

Simplify the Juggle:

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors? Designed for Advisors who implement asset allocation and desire tax efficiency. TRX works especially well with CPAs and DFA advisors.

TRX Features Not Available in Other Rebalancing Software:
• Analysis Expert screen shows instant snapshot view of all clients, allowing immediate identification of households requiring action
• Rebalance with or without location optimization
• Automated capital gain distribution avoidance
• Client-friendly reports including year-to-date tax benefit summaries

TRX is Tops in Tax Efficiency:
• Household level management
• Avoids short-term gains
• Avoids wash sales
• Sells from highest cost lots first
• Applies location optimization consistent with Advisor’s preferences
• Capital gain distribution avoidance
• Also avoids redemption fees, considers minimum transaction parameters

TRX Provides All Necessary Functionality!
• Automated rebalancing
• Automated cash management, including invest/withdraw cash, set-aside cash, periodic distributions
• Automated tax loss harvesting
• Seamlessly manage outside accounts, such as 401(k) accounts
• Multiple users
• Paperless workflow documentation
• Affordable

What else would you like to say about your business?Are You Ready for Rebalancing Software? 7 Questions to Ask, and Why: A guide for RIAs

See How You Can Save over $300,000 with TRX! – Measuring the Return on TRX Technology

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Total Rebalance Expert
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